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Corporate Investigation Services

Pre Employment Verification Services

Pre Employment Verification Services:

WeEvery company wants to hire employees with right skill set, mind set, with good character and with no financial irregularities. The service deals with the detailed investigation of the employees and finding out the information about them, starting from his/her resume details to the family background or any other required information and provide thorough pre employment verification services.

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Post Employment Verification Services

Post Employment Verification Services:

The post employment verification services offered by us deals with the detailed screening of employees. The services includes about the investigation of internal fraud, theft, misappropriation of information, Copyright, patent and trademark infringement and industrial espionage . We carry out the evaluation and prevent any of the confidential information to be leaked out.

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Trade mark infringement

Trade Mark Infringement:

If someone is working under your brand name and enjoying your profits then, we can find out the person who can indulge you in legal implications.

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Competitors Investigation

Competitors Investigation Services:

Our detectives do investigate about the competitors, their illegal activities and the source of information to them regarding your business.

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Industrial espionage

Industrial Espionage:

We do serve our clients in finding out the damaged area with solutions to heal that area. This service( Industrial Espionage) is basically to secure the client from competitor, and to make former best from the latter.

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Debugging services

Debugging Services:

Debugging is done through small electronic devices, and can be bugged in to computers, pen, phone etc. This service provides the required information. Our debug devices takes less start up time and help the developer on machine for faster development of cycle.

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Information on assets

Information on Assets:

This kind of investigation covers areas like information and verification of financial assets, bank accounts etc. We expertise in providing this information.

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Financial Fraud

Financial Fraud:

If there is doubt of fraud and theft regarding the funds or some confidential information then, we can provide the suitable information regarding the person involved in financial fraud.

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Due diligence

Due Diligence:

Due diligence is also known as fiduciary. Here, we can serve our clients about the information regarding their new business venture or new partner. This is helpful in avoiding unforeseen problems.

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