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Indian DetectiveIndian DetectiveIndian Detective
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Corporate Profile

Indian Detective Agency Pvt. Ltd. is a full service detective agency, providing private investigation services to individuals, corporates and organizations over a wide range of espionage and surveillance activities. We provide investigation for criminal cases, forensic tests, bank frauds, employee verification, competitors investigation, insurance claims, matrimonial verifications, Polygraphs test and services, lie detection test services and more. The entire report of investigation and the name of the clients are kept strictly confidential and discreet in any circumstance.

holographic test services, lie detection test services With more risk and responsibilities come in various aspect of business and personal life, it becomes mandatory to take all possible safety measures to avoid future problems. Through our extensive investigation services, we provide exact information/inputs that assist our clients to formulate effective solution.

After identifying the nature of the problem, we conduct fact-based investigation in strict time schedule to provide important feedback/information to the clients. Our team of investigators consists of seasoned professionals having vast experience in dealing with investigation technicalities. It is only our effective and ethical services that provide us 80% of business through reference.

Indian Detective Agency Pvt. Ltd. is owned by Mr. Sanjay Singh, who has years of experience as an investigator with some of the world's most renowned investigating agencies. We have a team of investigators with legal & law enforcement background and advance technological resources.

Our Services

We deal in comprehensive investigation services that is assured for high reliability and efficiency. Our investigation services include a wide range of activities that assist individuals, corporates and organizations in finding appropriate solutions to counter future problems. Our offered services include :
  • Pre/Post Matrimonial Investigation Services
  • Divorce Case Support
  • Extra Affairs / Adultery
  • Information of Missing Person
  • Pre/post Employment Verification
  • Trade Mark Infringement
  • Competitors Investigation Services
  • Industrial Espionage
  • Debugging Services
  • Information on Assets & Finance
  • Financial Fraud
  • Insurance Claim Investigation Services
  • Due Diligence
  • Cyber Crime Investigation Services
  • Polygraphs test and services
  • Handwriting Investigation Services
  • Lie Detection Test Services

Our Network

The effective investigation services become possible due to our vast network of affiliate offices throughout the world. We have offices in different parts of India including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune, Kanpur, Surat, Lucknow, Nagpur and Ludhiana. Moreover, we have developed associations with overseas investigating agencies to increase our effectiveness.

Our Team

We have a strong network of professional and trustworthy investigators. Most of these investigator are the members of the law enforcement section. Committed to deliver efficient services and excellent supervision, our investigators possess requisites qualities such as resourcefulness, ability to make quick decisions and integrity. Working perfectly, these professionals provide inputs that are authentic and timely as well as confidential. The team is well-equipped with the most modern surveillance equipment to carry out the entire investigation effectively.

Why Us

  • Completely tailor-made services
  • Investigation reports with complete documentary or other concrete evidences
  • Best espionage tactics to ensure discreet and confidential investigation
  • Complete privacy of the clients in any case
  • Extensive network of offices
  • Team of highly experienced professionals
  • Cost effective services

Personal Investigation Services

We offer personal investigation service to our clients on a wide variety of subjects. Our investigators provide intelligence and information gathering by placing someone under surveillance based on their daily movements. Utilizing video and photographic evidence, we gather the required evidence. In addition, we also have covert equipment to obtain evidence at meetings, restaurants etc. We offer our services for:
  • Pre/post matrimonial investigation
  • Collection of Evidence
  • Divorce case support
  • Extra Marital Affairs
  • Information of missing person
  • Video surveillance

Corporate Investigation Services

We offer a wide range of corporate investigations services to meet their varied requirements. Our service portfolio includes employment verification to competitors investigation. Our team of experts provides exact information as per the client's requirements. We use the most effective methods to carry out such researches in order to find accurate results while maintain the privacy. Our corporate investigation includes:
  • Pre/post Employment Verification
  • Trade mark infringement & IPR investigation
  • Competitors Investigation
  • Industrial espionage
  • Debugging services
  • Information on Assets
  • Financial Fraud
  • Insurance claim investigation
  • Due diligence

Crime Investigation Services

We provide private investigation for criminal and forensic subjects to help individuals or law enforcement agencies in detecting culprits. Our team consists of experts having enough expertise in solving such cases. Utilizing our expert's experience, we offer exact solution to complicated cases that left unsolved cases like:
  • Cyber Crime Investigation
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Finger Print Investigation for FBI
  • Polygraphs test
  • Handwriting Investigation
  • Lie Detection test
Personal Investigation Services
Pre Matrimonial Investigation Services | Post Matrimonial Investigation Services | Collection of Evidence | Divorce Case Support | Extra Marital Affairs
Information of Missing Person | Video Surveillance
Corporate Investigation Services
Pre Employment Verification Services | Post Employment Verification Services | Trade Mark Infringement | Competitors Investigation Services | Industrial Espionage
Debugging Services | Information on Assets | Financial Fraud | Due Diligence
Crime Investigation Services
Cyber Crime Investigation Services | Criminal Investigation Services | Finger Print Investigation for FBI | Polygraphic Test Services
Handwriting Investigation Services | Lie Detection Test Services

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